Why Skin Therapy Means more than just Beauty

Why Skin Therapy Means more than just Beauty

Therapeutic skin care leaves a lasting beautiful glow
A blushing bride’s glowing skin tells the world she’s in love while walking down the aisle. Her beauty lies in daily skin care treatments that seemingly wash the wrinkles away.

Skin therapy is a daily routine that means more than beauty. The secret ingredients in most skincare products are metals such as magnesium, which helps build a healthy immune systems, and copper and zinc, which increase metabolism.

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, beauty can be maintained through stem cell applications. These cells create fresh skin whereas Botox injections can reduce wrinkles for $650 to $1,200 per treatment. More high-end skin treatments involve Skin Caviar Crystalline, Dead Sea Algae, and microscopic particles of pure platinum. Coffeeberry made from the coffee plant Coffea Arabica, is a super antioxidant that protects the skin.

More expensive skin care includes the Carita Perfect Gold Serum, which contains three types of gold that detoxifies, revitalizes and makes the skin firm. Skin cannot resist a touch of Diamond Dust that is used to exfoliate the face and body. To learn more about skin ingredients read the Forbes magazine article Secret Ingredients in Skincare Products.

Despite breakthroughs in skin therapy within the United States, Americans have adapted skin care secrets from abroad. The Korean BB Cream is one of several dermatology induced root treatments that protect and heal the skin. A wave of Korean beauty products saturated U.S. markets with Korean skin therapy that focuses an oil based cleanser to remove make up and a foaming cleanser.

A toner followed by an anti-aging moisturizer develops a pure and defined look that is evident in Korean culture. The Un-Wrinkle Turbo Line Soothing Lotion is a popular product. American women are inclined to try new products such as Peach and Lily, Soko Glam, Memebox, Amorepacific and other Korean beauty products. To learn more about South Korea’s skin care read The New York Times article South Korea exports its glow.

A more natural form of skin care involves pros and cons. For example, honey is a great alternative to treat skin acne, reduce eye puffiness, exfoliate skin and treat eczema. Aloe is good for skin pain associated with burns and poison ivy. Olive oil binds sugar and salt to create skin scrubs. Salt and sugar also are good skin scrubs while baking soda exfoliates and serves as a natural antiseptic. To learn more about skin therapy read CNN’s segment on the Do’s and don’ts for DYI skin care.

Skin therapy is an advancing industry that attracts national and global products in the quest to maintain youthful skin. Beautiful, glowing skin marks a commitment to therapeutic skin care for a lifetime.

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