Why An Iron Door Never Goes out of Style

Why An Iron Door Never Goes out of Style

Benefits of an Iron Door
Those who are looking for a stylish addition to their entry way should look no further than the front door. It is the gateway into the home, after all, and a great way to set your front door apart from all the others is to get a custom made wrought iron door.

The first thing to note, however, is that a pure iron door is actually quite fragile. This means it will dent easily and rust quickly without regular maintenance. A high quality iron door is made from steel infused iron. This gives your door a similarly refined appearance but greatly increases it’s longevity and resistance to impact. Rain and weather damage will roll right off and the steel infusion makes the metal resistant to rust. Wrought iron doors actually require very little maintenance once set in and will last for years.

This increased durability is also a major security benefit. As well a being highly stable and resistant to blunt impacts, the mere sight of this heavy metal door is likely to deter unwanted intruders. The heavy gauge style is particularly strong.

The best part about installing wrought iron doors, however, is the potential aesthetic appeal. This is because these entry way ornaments are handcrafted, so they can be custom made to blend with, or even enhance, the unique design of your home. With a talented craftsman the potential design patterns are endless and the doors can be crafted so that shapes, lines, and patterns of your choice can be etched into the metallic surface.
These elements can be carefully designed to enhance the design elements of your home based on style or period.

Don’t worry about having an ugly grey slap on your front porch, either. Wrought iron doors can be installed with windows of any shape and texture you choose, with patterned and frosted glass available. Likewise, the shape of the door itself is up to you. Doors with square or rounded tops, for example, can be ordered with only a short conversation with your craftsman.

Granted, the installation of a new front door is not a light and easy decision. Due to the expensive of a wrought iron door, carefully pre-planning is necessary. Make sure to take careful measurements of your existing door frame and consult regularly with your craftsman to ensure that the end product is something that will actually fit in your entry way.

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