When Should You Spray Your Home for Bugs?

An insect infestation can occur in your home at anytime, leading to an assortment of problems. You might have a clean home that is free of clutter, but if you have neighbors with insects, then the bugs can enter your home. There are times that spraying your home with pesticides is appropriate, so you should consider these reasons for spraying for bugs.

Five Reasons to Spray for Bugs

Reason 1: Your Home Has a Termite Infestation

When your home has termites, it can lead to damage to your home. These insects tunnel through a home’s cellulose materials, affecting the building’s structural integrity. Without effective treatment to eliminate the adult insects and the eggs of the termites, it is possible to have a building that is ruined by these bugs.

Reason 2: An Invasion of Cockroaches

Cockroaches enter homes in a variety of ways, including crawling from nearby buildings or hitchhiking into a home on items that can include backpacks. A cockroach can transmit diseases to humans, so you will want to eradicate the bugs with the proper types of treatments.

Reason 3: Invasive Ant Pests

If you have ants inside your home, then the insects will contaminate the foodstuffs in a kitchen. Some species of ants will chew the materials of a home, ruining items that are important to you. Ants can bite humans, leading to itchy red bumps or severe allergic reactions. A knowledgeable exterminator can determine what types of ants are in your home to find the nests in addition to the adult insects.

Reason 4: Biting Fleas in a Home

When you have pets, you are more likely to have fleas in the carpet or on the upholstered furniture. However, it is possible to have a flea infestation when you don’t have any pets. Fleas will bite your ankles, leading to an itchy rash on your legs, but an exterminator has the correct type of pesticides for your home to eliminate the insects.

Reason 5: Stinging Wasps

If there is a wasp nest in a home’s attic or walls, then you should call a professional for help with eliminating the pests. A wasp can sting you multiple times, leading to major pain. An exterminator can spray the wasp nest to eliminate the insects before removing the item from your home.

Do-it-yourself or Professional Extermination

When you have only a few insects in a home, spraying with a store-bought pesticide is acceptable, but a professional extermination is better when you have numerous insects or certain types of bugs. Getting rid of the nests or the hidden insects is essential, and this requires a professional’s expertise. Talk to your friends or relatives about the best exterminator to hire.

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