What You Should Expect at A Chinese Lantern Festival

The Chinese Lantern Festival takes place each year to celebrate the last days of the Chinese New Year that takes place on a different day each year as China bases its year on a lunar calendar. There are many different myths regarding the arrival of the Chinese Lantern Festival in the nation with many believing the initial celebration dates back to ancient times when the God of Heaven was praised for bringing wealth and prosperity to each region, China Daily reports.

An outdoor family celebration

One of the most impressive aspects of the Chinese Lantern Festival is the way various locations look as the festival moves along. The majority of houses and businesses come together to decorate their properties as they wish to take part in the various celebrations taking place throughout the festival, Britannica reports.

You can expect to see the residents of a city or town on the streets with the outdoors filled with people who are looking to enjoy the most impressive ways of celebrating the arrival of the New Year. On the streets, the end of the New Year Festival is one of the most impressive of the year with the use of fireworks, food offered to all visitors and many dances taking place throughout cities.

Puzzles and gifts

If you are heading to China to celebrate the Lantern Festival, you may find yourself faced with a local offering you the chance to solve a riddle. This practice has been going on for centuries and is another way for all visitors to the Chinese Lantern Festival to add to their fun and excitement.

For the majority of people living in China, the Lantern Festival provides them with a chance to offer prizes to their neighbors if they can solve a riddle. Gifts and prizes are usually small pieces of local foods and snacks, such as nuts and sweet items.

Enjoy local sticky rice balls

When you think of the latest items you can enjoy to help you get over your sweet tooth, rice may not be at the top of your list. However, across China, the local delicacy most associated with the Chinese Lantern Festival is the sticky rice ball. These sweet rice balls are beloved throughout China with children and adults alike enjoying their sweet, sticky texture.

The Chinese Lantern Festival has been one of the most important in the history of the nation and brings s the month-long celebration to bring the year to a close to its natural end. The photo-opportunities on offer across the nation are many with photographers taking advantage of the colorful lanterns each night.

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