What to Expect When You First Get a Hearing Aid

Thank goodness for hearing aids. When we find that we have a need for them we come to realize what a Godsend they really are, and even if we aren’t personally needing them we feel a strong compassion for those that do.

Recent technology has resulted in hearing aids being much closer to the real thing. This being the case, they are much more accepted than they used to be. No longer do we need to worry about how they look for instance, since they are nearly invisible now. Also the quality is greatly improved.

Regardless of how they look or feel though, it is still essential that some people have them. That being the case it would certainly help to know what to expect ahead of time.

Anything in the ear will certainly feel different than before. However, when visiting the audiologist the fit is intended to be as comfortable as possible. It’s just necessary to understand that anything new to your body requires time to adapt, so be willing to give a good three months to feel natural.

Your first time with a hearing aid after leaving the office could be a bit like having two conversations at once, with the television going, the dog barking and the telephone ringing all at once. Going from hearing almost nothing to hearing everything out there at the same time can be scary at most and fatiguing at least. But the brain is capable of so much more than we know and can adapt making the world much less confusing in a short time.

Many things will sound different than they used to because the frequencies that you’ve been hearing less of are in the higher range. This range is what brings a certain clarity to speech and so regaining that will be a wonderful thing, but you will suddenly hear other things in the higher range that you hadn’t heard for quite awhile: crinkling paper, running water and more. Just accept that though it may seem very different how great it is to hear things again and actually understand what your loved ones are saying to you.

Hearing yourself when speaking is one thing that may take a little getting used to since your auditory feedback loop may have been damaged. This being the case you may not have actually heard your own voice clearly for quite some time. You will get used to it in a couple of days so just hang in there.

Considering everything, there is absolutely no reason to avoid getting hearing aids. They look good and in fact can be nearly invisible. They are comfortable to the point that you may forget your wearing them when you go to sleep or get in the shower. They will allow you to have a more meaningful relationship with those you love. So don’t miss a single appointment with your audiologist.

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