What Canadian Province is Right for You?

So you’ve applied to come to Canada as a new citizen but not sure exactly which province is right for you. This list looks at top cities that are best for new immigrants.

Milton, Ontario

Looking for a job? Consider the rapidly growing city of Milton. Nearly an hour drive from Toronto, the area boasts very low unemployment. This is the lowest of the immigrant-friendly big cities in the country. Because Milton is a middle class city with plenty of great restaurants and shopping, it is a great place to raise a family.
Burlington, Ontario

If you’re looking for an apartment, decent apartment rates and fair amount of apartment vacancies. in much closer to Toronto than others on this list and much safer. Burlington’s weather is mucu more temperate than other Canadian cities and has great retail shopping and dining outlets. Also has lovely parks and a few sandy beaches to enjoy.

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary has recently gained a reputation for being an expensive state, but the numbers say otherwise. The city has plenty of jobs with high wages and relatively low rent. You can save to buy a house much faster here than any other city in Canada.

Known for its annual ten-day festival the “Calgary Stampede”.  which is considered  “The Largest Outdoor Show in the World. The festival has live music bands, rodeo attractions, great food and rides. Over a million visitors attend the show each year. Living in the city also means that you can save on gas and use transit. The apartments in the area do go very fast. Awarded “the world’s fifth most livable city” by the Economist (CBC.ca), it is known for excellent education and healthcare systems, with a great deal of stability.
Richmond, British Columbia

A suburb of Vancouver, and only a 30 minute drive from downtown, Richmond is probably the best city to settle. Nearly 60% of the population has emigrated to Canada (World Population Review). Salaries are higher than in other local cities and you can take transit to work. The rent isn’t as high as some of the other cities of Vancouver.  The city is very cultured, and extremely diverse, one of the most multicultural areas on the continent. Named best for young families and best for retirees. Also highly acclaimed for its presence in the tech industry.  For the first time ever this West coast technology economy has earned a grade A, when compared with other provinces.

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