How To Treat a Strained Muscle

How To Treat a Strained Muscle

A strained muscle is one of the most common types of injuries, and it can occur while you are working at a job or while you are enjoying recreational activities. In most cases, you can care for a strained muscle on your own, but if the pain persists or gets worse, then visit your physician for an examination. Here are the best ways to care for a sprained muscle with common home remedies or first-aid techniques.

Elevate the Body Part That Has a Strained Muscle 

Elevating a foot that is swollen from a muscle strain can reduce your pain because it will change the flow of the blood to the body part. In addition, edema tends to develop in the legs, ankles and feet after a muscle strain injury, but with elevation, the water in your body doesn’t settle into the tissues. Place a pillow underneath a foot or leg to elevate it while you sit on a chair or recline on a bed.

Take Medications That Reduce Pain or Muscle Tension 

You can buy medications at a local drugstore that are suitable for reducing the pain in a back that has a muscle sprain. There are also medications that will relax the muscles in your body so that you don’t have as much pain from a strained wrist or shoulder. Avoid driving a vehicle or using any machinery while you are taking these medications.

Use a Compression Garment or Bandage Around the Sprained Body Part 

If you have a sprained knee or elbow, then you can find a formfitting compression bandage to wear over the joint while it heals. There are also compression garments to wear to support a neck or back that has a muscle sprain. Make sure to wear the correct size of bandage or garment to avoid damaging your skin or muscles.

Applications Of Heat or Ice To Reduce Muscle Sprain Pain 

You can apply heating pads or ice packs to a muscle sprain to reduce inflammation and pain. Using ice right after an injury is recommended, but the application of heat can help you feel better when it takes several days for the muscle sprain to heal. There are ointments available that create a sensation of warmth in the skin or muscles, and you can overcome a muscle sprain faster with an application of this type of medication.

Rest the Body Part That Has a Muscle Strain

If you have a muscle sprain in your ankle, shoulder or back, then stop trying to move around. Take a few days off from work so that you can relax at home. Avoid putting any extra weight on a strained body part to prevent any additional damage.

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