Top 4 Advances in Cyber Security

The cryer security sector has been growing in the last few years with more people and businesses than ever before taking part in this area of computer awareness. The Cyber security risks are myriad and have been highlighted by data breaches seen through the many data breaches taking place around the U.S. For most individuals, the chances of halting the long line of data breaches are improved by using the latest advances in cyber security and avoiding what Inc describes as the potential for up to $87,000 in lost revenues.

1. Protect the information you have

There are many reasons why data breaches occur, but sometimes they happen because a company gets sloppy and does not follow its own security protocols. For example, Huff Post highlighted a number of potential cyber security threats that are created when an individual does not possess the skills needed to protect us all throughout our lives. Tagging an individual in a Facebook post when their maiden name is displayed pushes open the door a crack for hackers to obtain entry into the accounts of a single person or a number of individuals.

2. Hardware authentication

How strong is your password or username, probably some are not very strong or the same across many platforms? Intel has been working to change the way a password or username is authenticated and has come up with the hardware authentication technique using a portion of its processor to make sure you are getting the best security options for your needs. The company points to the growing number of connected devices as a problem that needs to be addressed with a greater level of authentication across the board.

3. More use of the Cloud

The cloud has always been seen as one of the most important aspects of the rising level of cyber security to be seen across the world. by removing firewalls and other security options from the physical world and placing them in the digital sector we have a better chance of protecting information from attack.

4. Deep machine learning

The ability of a system to learn is one of the most important aspects of the development of machine learning possibilities that can bring about new ways of fighting hackers. The future of cyber security will be focused on artificial intelligence looking to close gaps in security before they are attacked by hackers.

The latest developments in cyber security will make their way to our homes and businesses very soon. The sector is one of the most dynamic in the world and brings with it a change in the way we secure systems in the future. For most experts, technology is always evolving in the cyber security sector bringing about changes to the way we defend our businesses in the future.

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