The Top Wedding Trends of 2015

The Top Wedding Trends of 2015

Love is in the air and 2015 is full of exciting trends for couples preparing to be wed. While many of this year’s trends include quite a few adaptations from years past, there are plenty of fun and exciting ideas to incorporate into any wedding ceremony.

Monochrome Color

In the past decade, weddings have begin to incorporate a lot of color. Brides, no longer limiting themselves to traditional whites and pastels, have started to add heavy punches of color to their ceremonies and receptions. 2015 is no different in terms of incorporating a variety of colors, but the hues will definitely be more toned down. A popular look this year is to pick one color school, such as greens or pinks, and use varying shades of this one color.

Lifestyle Weddings

A couple’s day to remember should incorporate their passions and lifestyle, so 2015 is going to be holding a lot of lifestyle themed ceremonies. People are choosing everything from rough-and-tough wild-west to hippie-infused decor, themes and clothes to help them express and share their bliss with family and friends.

Glitter and Sparkle

Sequins, rhinestones and glitter are going to be showing up in full force this year. Everything from dresses, flowers, shoes, headpieces and even makeup will enjoy a touch of bedazzling sparkle. 2015 is going to be the year of radiant and shining weddings, so just follow the trail of glitter into your best friend’s wedding.

Forget the Ceremony – Part Hardy!

Marriage has changed a lot over the last few decades. Couples now wait longer to get married, often live together beforehand and focus on building a career before establishing a family. All of these factors, along with a more relaxed modern attitude, has led to many people to skip a big ceremony and instead funnel their money into the reception afterwards. There’s no wrong way to do a wedding, so look forward to party invites instead of wedding ceremony RSVP requirements this year!

Food Truck Goodness

Food trucks have become a major trend in the culinary world over the past few years. Finally, this foodie trend is starting to make waves in the wedding world. Couples can save major cash by ditching the caterer and hiring a few food trucks instead. There’s much more flexibility in what can be served, and couples can have different types of cuisine available for their variety of guests.

Weddings are always special and exciting, but 2015 has developed some new and unique trends that can help to make weddings even more individualized and fun. No matter the budget, most of these trends are adaptable and accessible for just about everyone.

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