The Top 5 POS Systems of 2015

The Top 5 POS Systems of 2015

2015 has seen POS systems with affordable pricing together with rich features. This list of the top POS systems is rated with some basic criteria: features, cost, and user friendliness as well as whether it offers good traditional and mobile service.


These days the POS systems come in numerous flavors as there are businesses. Some POS systems can do it all and are extremely versatile while others are specific focused and only provide one function in business but provide particular excellent service. You should make sure to not only look at the POS system quality but the one fitting at your company.

Important Factors To Look At

User Friendliness: sleek, powerful and simple

Cost: below average

Features: item, Consumer tracking and management, Powerful inventory management

Traditional and Management Services

Management: Menu Management, Customer Tracking, table management

1. Shopify

This type of POS system does it all. It comes with extremely affordable rates in the market. Can help your business manage in the store, mobile sales and online. You will get the item and inventory management that will allow you to get your items organized in a better way as well as seasonal that is great for the clothing stores. The monthly and hardware fees are reasonably priced. Shopify comes with the in-house credit card to make your business even simpler. This card processes services that are priced in line with set industry standards.


2. Quetzal

This is an iPad based POS system coming with numerous significant features like the consumer loyalty information, inventory management, integrated card payments. It is primarily designed for small retail outlets as well as the shoe stores to provide robust features that shop owners will find exceedingly useful. This type of system has the capability to expand with your store up to a maximum of ten locations. More can be found at Wikipedia pages


3. Ambur

This type of POS has a very reasonable upfront price, and this makes it extremely cheap as you pay a one-time license fee applicable to the great installation. This POS system has software updates. Its hardware packages are also reasonably priced. Ambur is one of the most visionary companies that provides POS systems for restaurants. Right now, Ambur is venturing into an app that can provide POS functions through the iPhone. They released it with the iPad and had a significant opportunity. It is a powerful reasonably priced app for restaurants.


4. Revel


For many small businesses, Revel can be very expensive, but for the high traffic and revenues companies can consider it. It is designed to scale with any operation and is a do it all POS system. For retail, software licenses are expensive as well as for restaurants. For a business that is doing well, the many features make it worth the price.



5. Iconnectops


This is a perfect POS system for the small that are mobile like the farmer’s markets. iConnect has packages for all stages of businesses. They have a standard price for all industries. It has an easy to use reputation and integrates with the accounting software like QuickBooks conveniently. This can be found at NYTimes.


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