The Stress Relief of “Paint your Own Pottery” Classes

The Stress Relief of “Paint your Own Pottery” Classes

Are you under a great deal of stress from your daily job — whether you’re in the office or at home? Are you looking for a creative outlet that give you the space to calm down and distract yourself from the tasks that clutter your life with anxiety and worry? Do you want to explore your creative side through a fun, economical outlet? If you’re ready to pursue a fun, calm part of your life, then consider going to a “Paint Your Own Pottery” class. These classes are in art studios in cities all over the country, so check your local newspaper or community college website to find the best classes for you within your “stress” budget! Here’s what you can expect to happen:

Tip #1: Painting Distracts

One of the biggest benefits of painting pottery is that the act of doing this actually distracts you from the stressful tasks at hand. Your brain naturally redirects away from those anxiety-inducing situations and allows you to focus on the very minute details of painting and design.

Tip #2: Painting is Creative

Painting pottery also is creative and allows you to tap into that side of your brain. When you produce something beautiful, you feel good. There is something about aesthetics that has a way of lifting our spirits and helps us engage with a different — perhaps untapped — part of our brains. So tap into your creative side by sitting down in the pottery studio and selecting a useful item you can use again and again — such as cereal bowls or a tree ornament.

Tip #3: Painting Instills Pride

When you complete your pottery piece, you are going to feel some sense of pride. That’s because you will have painted a beautiful piece that you wouldn’t have completed unless you had put in the time and effort. Your piece will remind you of a stress-free life, and it will induce those feelings if you place it on your desk or kitchen counter. Every time you see it, you will be reminded of how at peace and happy you felt in the process of painting and creating in your pottery studio.

Tip #4: Painting Makes You Feel Good About Being Generous

Finally, if you decide to give away your pottery piece to a friend, you will fee the happy feelings of kindness and generosity. This only adds to your happy, hopeful, stress-free mood. Being generous has an effect on other people — but it most especially helps the giver feel good about his or her service to the world. So consider giving away your pottery piece to further improve your stress-free mood.


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