The Best Online Marketing Platforms for 2015

The Best Online Marketing Platforms for 2015

2015 has seen numerous marketing platforms. Each online marketing professional and the agency have their tools and techniques. However, when in an online marketing business, you have used some software at some point. Below are the top ten online marketing platforms used in 2015.


1. Extraget


Extra get integrates numerous tools to manage the digital market strategy as it is now part of Salesforce. The aim is to market and improve relationships easier between brands and consumers. Social, free, emailing, marketing automation, the web, analytics, and data; thanks to the multichannel approach ExtraGet is using. ExtraGet is the most common online marketing tool.


2. Hubspot

This is the very first marketing platform that provides all the necessary tools you may need to manage and improve online marketing strategy. This platform allows professionals to set up converting landing pages and CTA buttons to convert leads. Collect new customer information and loyal buyers. Creates blog posts, ebooks, and infographics to attract leads.


3.Marin Software

This is a very integrated online platform that is specialized in online management advertisements. The software offers comprehensive solutions to help you win online revenues. Display advertising, paid search, and social advertising were all made to have your website improve in ROI.


4. Marketo


This is one of the greatest marketing automation software around. Thanks to the many solutions and applications, Marketo lends a helping hand to make multichannel campaigns and saves time. It is modern and powerful, easy to use, and that is the reason many online marketing professionals are using it.

5. Raventools


Raven Tools is another comprehensive and full stack marketing platform. Raven tools are one of the online marketing tools that use the four online marketing levels: social media, SEO, PPC, and content marketing. The tool allows companies and business to make and manage complete reports.


6. Vocus


This is the most famous online marketing tool that is a simplified marketing platform. Thanks to its PR and marketing software. It delivers marketing extremely successful. It has solutions that allow businesses to manage and develop their visibility to attract more customers. Visit ABC news pages


7. Ginzametrics

This platform helps you to optimize and find keywords that fit your website and improve organic traffic. Its dashboard lets you monitor content, search, and social data get recommendations. It drives content and search ROI.


8. Webceo


The web CEO is one of the best SEO software campaigns. Lets you optimize websites, search for keywords and automate SEO operations. It has a B2B solution that adds value to CMS and become their partner with white label option.


9. DOZ


It has something that is very much unique to help websites build an organic audience. They deliver ROI oriented campaigns focusing on search engines, content marketing, and social media. It also brings high transparency to allow clients to access every task movement. Visit CNN news


10. SEMrush


It is mainly used by professionals to analyze the main words competition. They will check for keyword ranks and compare traffic websites such as the Google keyword planner. They research volumes monthly and gives you figures on your daily feed.


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