The Benefits of Using American Made Products

Since the late 1980’s, American manufacturing saw a decline and many companies moved their production factories to China or Mexico – where the labor is much cheaper. As a result, most of the items we buy in the USA are no longer made in the USA. Pick up any random piece of clothing or an electronic device, and often you’ll see “Made in China,” or “Made in Korea.” In fact, Americans prefer domestic goods anyway. Yet, to sustain our economy, we need a country that supports American manufacturing and American-made products. Keep reading to learn more.

Create More Jobs

Over the past two decades, Americans have been sold on the idea that cheaper is better. But, is it really? Think about this: Is the cheaper television worth it if it means taking jobs away from Americans and giving them to someone overseas? Nonetheless, if Americans were willing to spend around $4 extra on American-made products per year, it would create 10,000 more jobs in the nation. And, according to the Made in America Movement, if Americans spent $350 buying American-made gifts during the holidays – it would create a million American jobs.

Enhances American Independence

It goes without saying that if you’re dependent on someone else, then you are in the losing position. America is a country rich in natural resources and talent. We have more than enough of those resources in our own country to be almost completely self-sufficient.

If we have to depend on other nations for their goods and services, what will we do when they decide to dramatically raise prices or even worse – if they decide not to ship their products? And, what about our trade agreements? Buying American-made products means we get to promote our nation’s independence.

Better Quality Control

There was a time when everyone around the world wanted to buy products made in the USA; why? Because they were known to be of the best quality. These days, everything is so much cheaper but the quality is low too. For products made outside of America, our government has little control or oversight over the quality of the product. But, if we make it within our own country, then we have more control over the end result.

Support Fair Working Conditions

Another, hidden cost, of cheaper labor are the strenuous working conditions. Often, the reason why we can buy such affordable electronics and clothing items is because the labor rate in China, Mexico, and other places is so low that they are sometimes equated with forced labor. Without a doubt, the wages these laborers get is appalling. And the work conditions are often quite bad too.

But, we don’t see it because it’s not in our backyard. If forced labor took place in America, everyone would be up in arms about it. So, yes, there is a cost for having cheaper products. Instead, support fair and safe working conditions by purchasing American-made products.

As you can see, there are many benefits to using American-made products. From helping to create more jobs to ensuring a safe work environment, everyone should look for more ways to buy American.

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