Stylish Window Treatment Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget

Stylish Window Treatment Ideas That Won’t Break Your Budget

Window treatments can be the finishing touches that transform a humdrum room into something spectacular and you don’t need a millionaire’s budget to have them. Stylish yet inexpensive window treatments are available to anyone, all you need is imagination and creativity. The following ideas may help you transform your humdrum room into an eye catcher.

Cornice Box
A simple, upholstered cornice box can be the perfect topper to a window whether it has drapes, sheer curtains, blinds, or no other covering. Cornice boxes are easy to make and install with little expense. You’ll need some batting, the wood, and the fabric of your choice plus any trim, such as tassels, fringe, braid, or whatever your preference.

Similar to a cornice box, a valance covers only the top of the window but is made from fabric rather than wood. Valances can be as simple as a wide piece of lace or as intricate as a combination of swags, jabots and side hangs. Let the room décor be your guide when choosing the style and fabric for your valance. Many valances can be hung on a decorative curtain rod.

A scarf can also be used as a valance or as a topper for a curtain or drape. It should be at least double the width of the window with additional for side hangs.

Curtains and Draperies
Curtains are one of the easiest ways to transform a window, particularly when used in combination with one of the above treatments. Curtains can be as simple as a piece of lace or as intricate as your imagination can make them. Yard sales are excellent sources for lace tablecloths, which make excellent curtains for a narrower window or use two for a wider window. You need 1-½ to 2 times fullness for lace curtains rather than the 2-½ to 3 times fullness for fabric curtains.

Cut the tablecloth in half and make a one-inch hem on the cut side. Sew wide seam binding about two or three inches from the top, which will act as the casing for the curtain rod, and your lace curtains are complete.

A canvas tarp makes an excellent window covering for a nautical or casual themed room. Add large grommets if it does not have them, then thread the curtain rod through the grommets and you have an instant curtain.

Sheets can also be used as curtain material and are available in almost any fabric imaginable. A king sized flat sheet contains several yards of fabric and can be considerably less expensive than purchasing the same amount of fabric from a fabric store.

Whatever your preference, be creative, be imaginative, and above all, have fun!


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