Staying in Style on a Budget

Staying in Style on a Budget

It doesn’t take a lot of money to stay fashionable. There are items that can be purchased on sale, or you can get deals on new items when they are first introduced in stores. Although clothing and accessories are sometimes one of the most expensive things in the closet and the home, they don’t have to be if you follow a few tips.

The Off-Season
Perhaps the best time to shop for clothing, especially for children, is during the off-season. You can find clothing for the next year at a fraction of the cost. An example would be purchasing a jacket or coat right before all of the swimsuits begin appearing in stores. You can sometimes find bargains from the previous season as stores want to get rid of the excess stock to make room for new items.

Clothing Trade
There are likely friends who have worn clothing items that you wish you had in your closet. One way to get rid of the clothes that you no longer wear and to get some of the items that you desire from friends is to have a clothing trade. Invite your friends and family to your home, have a small meal or serve appetizers, and put all of the clothing on tables so that everyone can get something new. This is also an idea if you have a few friends who have children who might be in different sizes. No one has to spend money, and you get new clothes until the next trading event.

Second Hand Stores
These are stores that accept donations from people who are clearing out their closets. Some second hand stores take clothing on consignment. This sometimes means that you get clothing of a better quality since the store has to pay for the clothing after it sells. Some of the items are in almost new condition as some people simply want to get a new wardrobe. They might purchase something and not be able to wear the new clothing and can’t take it back to the store. You can sometimes find clothes and accessories that you might not find in a retail store since some fashions only last for a season and then change to something different.

Open To Options
Although the new dress at Aeropostale might be calling your name, you can probably find a similar dress at a store that is less expensive. Keep your options open to the style of clothing that you get. Some stores will sell items that look the same as high fashion stores at a lower price.


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