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    3 Gift Ideas for the Cigar Lovers in Your Life

    As cigar use increases, you may find that you know more and more people who enjoy this ritualistic hobby. For the cigar connoisseur, however, cigar smoking is more than a hobby; it’s a way of life. While cigar accessories are a common and appropriate gift choice for these more distinguished cigar smokers, there are other, unique […]

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    3 Unique Uses for a Challenge Coin

    Hundreds of years ago, there was a custom among soldiers, royal families, aristocrats, fraternities, and other “unique sets” of people. The custom consisted on exchanging especially-made tokens, mostly in the shape of coins or medallions, which featured mottoes, family crests, and other symbols that were unique to the group. The tokens were given to equally-exclusive […]

3 Ways to Boost Your Cell Phone Signal

According to LifeHacker.com, as many as 72% of people in the U.S. experience dropped calls; 32% of Americans experience this at least a few times per week. There are two main reasons for bad reception: you’re too far from the closest cell towers or there are obstructions that can be blamed for the interference. Do […]

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