How to Maintain Your Workout Routine This Winter

How to Maintain Your Workout Routine This Winter

People who live in cities with four seasons often find themselves adjusting their workouts when it gets cold. For some, it may be an invitation to take it easy because you can always cover up excess fat in the winter. But if you’re true to yourself and your health, you can have just as good of workouts in the winter as in summer. You just have to make a few adjustments. Following are some suggestions.

Exercise Indoors More
If you’re used to walking outside, measure off a mile or two in your house and walk that course each day. A lap around your living, family room and kitchen may be 60 feet, for example, so 88 laps equals one mile. There are going to be days that are too cold or snowy to work out outdoors, so pick out a room in your house or basement and go at it.

Go to the Gym
If you’re used to working out on your own, winter is a great time to visit that gym you’ve been thinking about joining. Gyms usually have a plethora of equipment for every body part you want to exercise. They also have trainers who can help you reach your goals and get ready for beach season.

Do Some Outdoor Exercising
Run or walk outside on drier and warmer days in the winter. One advantage of outdoor exercise is that you’ll burn more calories. That’s because your metabolic rate increases to warm your body in colder weather, according to Women’s Health. But make sure you bundle up to keep yourself warm. This includes hats, layered coats and gloves to better regulate your body temperature.

Find a Partner
Ask friends or family members to exercise with you. Set specific dates and locations to meet. The best thing about exercising with a partner is that you’re more likely to follow through with the activity, according to the National Kidney Foundation. You can hold each other accountable and even motivate each other as you compete on walks or runs. It’s also more fun to have someone else along as you can chat and entertain yourself through your rigorous routines.

Keep Equipment at Home
If you’re a gym rat who never misses a workouts, snow days can be a real hassle. In these cases, purchase some dumbbells, an E-Z Curl bar and even a bicycle for days the gym closes for snow or inclement weather. That way you can hit all body parts and keep your gains going.

Track Your Progress
Many people weigh themselves or measure body parts like their chest, thighs and waist. Continue to set goals and track them during the winter months. It will make it that much easier to reach your spring goals if you do.

Don’t let the cold weather hinder your workouts. Become more creative and adaptable to the changes and keep your exercise routine going. That why you can better maintain your fitness level all year-round.

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