Less is More: Small Décor Pieces That Make a Big Statement

Less is More: Small Décor Pieces That Make a Big Statement

When you’re buying décor to enhance any room in your home, it doesn’t have to be large or ostentatious. Sometimes, less is more and you can make a big statement with small pieces that are conversation starters when you’re entertaining family and friends. It’s easy to find décor to enhance your home even if you’re on a budget. You can find interesting pieces to decorate any room in antique shops or online.

Create a welcoming entryway from a small space by hanging a wall mirror over a half table or a full-length mirror on a coat closet to make the foyer appear larger. You could place a small table with a decorative lamp in the space to give your foyer a warm atmosphere. An alternative is a small chest that could provide additional storage. A home that has an open concept floor plan can be enhanced by creating individual spaces. For example, a screen that folds can separate the living room and dining areas. The screen can be put away when you need more space for entertaining.

Vintage glassware is a lovely way to decorate. You can buy pieces to display on a sideboard or hutch. An antique decanter with crystal glassware can be displayed on a sideboard to add elegance to your dining room. Antique oil lamps are both beautiful and functional and are the perfect décor for a Colonial-style home.

Whether you have a sofa or a nice cushioned window seat that could use an update, accent pillows are a wonderful way to bring some character into the room. From the various patterns, colors, and fabrics available – accent pillows are one of the easiest items you can use to make a statement.
Everyone loves to display the artwork that their children create in school. Usually, children’s creations are displayed on the refrigerator with magnets, but over time they can get damaged. One way to keep your child’s artwork and display it for everyone to see, is to hang them on your wall in hinged storage frames. These frames allow for you to swap out your child’s art as they create new master pieces. You could also create a scrapbook of their art creations, which will help preserve your child’s art pieces while making a great look book for the coffee table.

Your home doesn’t need a lot of décor to be special. You just need the right pieces in the right places, or small décor pieces that make a big statement.

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