The Importance of Genetics Testing Before Having Children

The Importance of Genetics Testing Before Having Children

Having children is a huge life decision. A baby needs constant supervision. As children grow, they need lots of care and attention. Any potential parent should have consider the fact they may have or carry a genetic disease before they think about having them. Common genetic diseases include cystic fibrosis, hemophilia and Tay-Sachs disease. Many people may have a relative with a disease and know a great deal about the condition. Others may not know they have the potential to have a child with a problem at all. In today’s world, it is now possible for people to get tested for lots of different type of medical conditions even before they have children. Doing so has many advantages. It helps people find out what diseases are present in their family tree. It also helps them consider modern technology that can prevent them from passing on certain diseases to their potential kids.

Testing For IllnessĀ 
Doctors today can screen for all kinds of diseases. Tell your doctor you’re thinking about getting pregnant. The doctor can take a blood test or even just a bit of saliva and send it off for testing. Such testing will reveal if you might have problems that can be passed on to your offspring. These tests are often covered under your medical insurance. Keep in mind that many genetic conditions require two copies of the gene for the disease to be present in any children. If you have only copy, you are a carrier and can pass that status along to your children. This does not mean they will get the disease. However, if both you and your partner are carriers of a given condition and you both have a genetics problem, you can be at risk of passing along the full-fledged disease.

Peace of MindĀ 
Getting tested offers many advantages. If you do not carry any potential dangerous genes, you can go ahead and have children knowing you are likely to have kids who are will likely be healthy from the second you bring them into the world. If something is found, you can be proactive as you think about what to do next. Modern medical technology makes it possible for you to avoid many potentially serious medical genetic conditions. You can speak with a counselor at a fertility center. They can discuss what options lie on the table for you. For example, you might decide to use technology that lets doctors find fertilized eggs that are healthy. The doctor can then implant the eggs in your uterus. If the condition is serious, you may wish to think about adopting a child instead. Adopting a baby is a great way to build your family.

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