How To Tell If You Need a New Septic System

Septic systems should be pumped often; preferably, after every few years. But, ultimately, you will have to replace your septic tank. A well-maintained septic system lasts for about two decades. However, the system goes through wear and tear over time, which necessitates throwing in the towel and installing a new septic system. However, the question for most people is how they can know when time is ripe for a new septic system. These signs should help you know when it’s time to replace your septic system.

Puddles in your yard
Pools of water on the ground where the septic tank is installed or on the drain field is an indication that your septic system is failing. It is an indication that your system is not able to dispose of wastewater as required. The primary role of a septic tank is to dispose of wastewater efficiently. As such, if it fails to do that, it’s a tell-tale sign that you need to replace the system.

Age of the system
Septic tanks usually last for about three or so decades. As such, if you construct or buy a new home, you may not have to replace it after two decades. However, if you have an older home whose septic system was installed nearly a century ago, you may have to replace it. It might be time to consider investing in a new septic system if your current one keeps on failing or if you have to keep pumping the system for it to function correctly. It’s wise to know the approximate age of a septic system if you are not sure.

Pipe backups
Your septic system might be failing if it experiences frequent backups. Raw sewage that backs up in your toilet is an indication that your septic system is facing severe issues. Bad smells and gurgling pipes are indications that you have clogged pipes. Additionally, you might realize reduced flushing of toilets and improper draining when your system needs a replacement. Therefore, you need a new septic system if it experiences frequent and severe clogging.

Failed water test
Water testing is an integral part of the septic inspection. You need a new septic system if the water test results indicate the presence of harmful contaminants such as nitrates and bacteria. It is a sign of a dangerous problem. A failed test is a sign that your septic system is not disposing of and filtering water as required. The failure is severe and poses health hazards.

If your septic system has shown any of these signs, it’s time to call a professional to replace it. But, proper maintenance is also vital in keeping your system in perfect working condition. You need to work with a professional to make sure that the system installation is done correctly and avoid complications in the future.

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