How to Properly Store Your Ladder

The ladder is one of the most commonly used tools. It doesn’t matter whether you are at home and want to fix the roof or you are at the warehouse and want to fetch a parcel that’s high up, you have to use a ladder in both scenarios. Now, there’s nothing wrong with taking the ladder from the store or basement and using it to complete a chore. After all, that’s what it’s meant for. The only problem that I have with most people is that they never put back the ladder correctly. They do this because they are in a hurry most of the times. However, storing is not just about discipline, it’s also a safety precaution. Unless you want one of your family members or co-workers to trip when they are going to fetch the ladder, you have to know how to store it properly.

Tips to Safely Store your Ladder

1. The first rule to properly storing a ladder is to return it back to where you found it. Don’t leave it outside the door of the room that you found it in. Put it where it belongs. Alternatively, if your ladder has fiberglass reinforcement, store it in a shade away from direct sunlight. You have to do this to prevent damage. The sun could easily weaken the fiber glass overtime.

2. After you’ve finished using your ladder, clean it before you move it back to where you found it. You don’t want any liquids settling on it because that could make it slip as you’re transporting it. If the ladder is not that long, and you are transporting it alone, hold it at the center. That way, it’s more stable and doesn’t tip upwards or downwards. If the ladder is long, you should find someone to help you carry it. This is because long ladders tend to be quite heavy. As you carry the ladder with your partner, make sure that you are carrying it from the same side.

3. If you are carrying the ladder on a passage way or narrow street, don’t rush. Walk with it slowly so that you don’t hit another person by mistake.

4. In case, you are taking the ladder to a far location. Make sure that it properly fits at the back of the pick-up truck. It shouldn’t extend beyond the truck’s support points. If it’s too long, transport it with a bigger truck to avoid accidents.

5. The final tip to properly storing your ladder is to check for any defects after you place it down. If it’s still functional, you can use it for another chore later on.

You have to learn how to properly store your ladder so that you can minimize accidents. Use the above tips as a starting point. As you do so, do further research on the topic and come up with your ways.

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