How To Pick The Right Modular Home For You

When it comes to selecting the right modular home for you and your family, there are some fundamental issues to consider as well as some lesser-known ones. Manufacturers construct modular homes at their facilities, and then they ship the units to your location where a crew assembles them. These homes are on a permanent foundation, unlike mobile homes. Here are some tips to help you pick the best modular home.

Lot Size

One of the first things to consider is where the home is going to go. Start by visiting your local building and planning department and get familiar with the rules and regulations that pertain to your neighborhood. There may be restrictions on height and width. If you live in a rural area or on acreage, consider how far you will need to bring in power, unless you are building off the grid.


How much you can spend on the home is another major factor. Large homes tend to cost more money, but smaller houses with a lot of accessories or high-end finishes can cost more than a big, basic structure. Some ways to reduce the costs are to limit the square footage, buy basic carpet and appliances, and limit custom features.

Bedroom and Bathrooms

A common way to decide which modular home will work for your family is to determine how many bedrooms and bathrooms you will need. Adding bathrooms will increase the price tag, but they also add value to the home. You might consider adding in a half bathroom, which consists of a sink and toilet only. Half baths can be in garages or on the first floor in a two-story home that has all of the full bathrooms upstairs.


Many modular home manufacturers offer various roofing materials. What you choose will affect the price, but spending more on quality material may save you money in the end because the roof will last longer. If you live in an area with CC&Rs or a homeowner’s association (HOA), check to see if there are restrictions to the material or color you can put on the roof. Some options are metal roofs, shingles, or tile. When considering the roof, decide if you live in a region that would benefit from solar panels. If you think at some point in the future you may add some to your roof, talk with the solar company and builders about what material might work best.

Creating a custom modular home can be an exciting process. There are many ways to make floor plans and features unique or basic. With some preplanning and advice from the builders and your local planners, it can be easy to pick the right modular home.

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