How to Get Healthy Hair for Every Hair Type

Every hairstyle has its own way of maintenance and hair. A straight hair will require a very different set of treatments considering its specifics, unlike curly hair. The hair type will depend on the amount of curl and thickness that it possesses. Here are general ways to treat any one of the main hair categories.

Straight Hair

Straight hair is one that falls straight without any curls or waves. It is the hair type that is the oiliest because of the easy access of hair sebum to all parts of the strand. Because of this, straight hair does not require as much moisturizing as other hair types do. Because of this, straight hair requires washing more often than other hair types in order to avoid becoming dull.

The thickness of the hair strand also matters. The hair can be fine, medium, or coarse. Those that have fine hair should choose a very mild shampoo to avoid excessive dryness or damage to the hair.

To add more volume to straight hair, avoid blow drying it on a regular basis. Instead, you can opt for a layered haircut, sleep with braids during the night to create waves during the day, or use mousse to lift it up.


Curly hair requires more caution when being washed. Always opt for a sulfate-free shampoo and one free of drying agents like sodium lauryl. Try to wash your hair only twice a week if possible or always use strong conditioners. The best time to condition your hair is in the shower after shampooing. This will lock in dryness in your curls.


Kinky hair is one that is prone to dryness and very brittle. For this reason, it is easy for it to break due to too much dryness. Kinky hair requires constant moisturizing. Add regular moisturizer that is sulfate-free and hydrating. You can finish any look with a moisturizing styling cream with natural oils. Kinky hair types can also benefit from regular protein treatment.


Wavy hair is a mix between straight and curly with S-form curls. This hair is prone to frizz, so a moisturizing treatment works best to keep the frizziness away. Use a hydrating mask with this hair once a week. Apply a conditioner to it every day and wash out every other day to avoid drying the strands.

Specific Hair Care

It is important to know what type of hair you have. Once you have pinned down your hair type, you can easily know how to treat it to always look great. Not all hairs are created the same, so treatment for each one should complement your specific hair type to make it look its best.

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