How to Choose The Best Outdoor Furniture for Your Patio Space

Your outdoor space can become another lounge or living area for a lot of the year if you choose the right items and care for them well. As with any furniture choice, materials make the difference.

Wood or Metal?

How large is your patio, and how wide is the doorway that offers access? This can be a challenge. Many pieces of outdoor furniture offer plenty of relaxation space but are too large for a small patio.

Metal patio furniture has the benefit of being lightweight and often has a modern look. You can purchase metal patio furniture that’s inherently rust resistant. Of course, if your patio gets a lot of sun, you’ll want a shade or covers to keep your seating materials cool to the touch.

Choosing Materials That Will Last

Aluminum is a great choice for your metal patio furniture as it’s easy to move and rust resistant. If you have the space for wooden furniture, teak is an excellent choice for the long term. For those who like the look of wicker, consider one of the many resin-based wickers that will survive sun and rain.

Protect Your Furniture

Both wooden and metal patio furniture will stand the test of time if properly cared for. Look for pieces that come with covers you can use to protect items from sun or moisture damage. Take care to make sure that the cushions you purchase are mold and mildew resistant.

If you need to cover your patio furniture for long periods, make sure to get breathable covers. Moisture can build up under your furniture covers and may lead to unseen mold growth or corrosion over time.

Don’t Forget Storage

While modern patio furniture made of metal has flair, consider investing in table pieces that offer storage. Ottomans, side tables and coffee tables for your outdoor seating area can provide you with a space to store cushions, trays or other items you need to entertain your family and friends. With plenty of outdoor storage, you can truly use this space as a separate room for a great deal of the year.

Your patio will be a lovely space to enjoy as the sun goes down. Settle in with a good book or a good friend, enjoy a cool beverage and watch the stars bloom. With the right materials and the right protection, you can enjoy your patio furniture for years to come.

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