How to Build an Effective Kid’s Nighttime Contact Routine

If your young child has contacts, you’ll want to make sure they are taking care of them properly. Contacts can be expensive to buy, and you don’t want your child ignoring you when it comes to their care. Read on to learn how to build an effective kid’s nighttime contact routine.

1.Explain the Reasons Why

To younger children, they are simply dealing with a small piece of plastic. It is important for them to understand that there is a lot to know about contact risks. Explain why a nighttime routine is so crucial to the safety of their eyes and their contacts. Talk to them about eye infections and other issues that prolonged contact wear can cause. Be firm when it comes to the rules. If they cannot care properly for their contacts, then they cannot continue to wear them.

2.Have a Backup Pair of Glasses Handy

It’s a good idea, for both adults and kids, to always have a pair of glasses in the event you rip a contact or run out. However, having a nice pair for your child to wear will make it easier for them to establish a contact routine at night. They won’t have to worry about not being able to see once they take them out for the evening. It will make them more likely to stick to a routine.

3.Have the Necessities Handy

Make sure that the bathroom your child uses has the necessary supplies they need to take out their contacts at night. They will need saline solution, a cleaning solution, and a clean contact case. Their glasses should always be close by as well. These supplies should all be easily accessible to your child when they are alone. If they have to search for them, they may not take their contacts out at all.

4.Make it Part of a Routine

If your child already has a nighttime routine, make taking their contacts out part of it. They should always bathe and brush their teeth first. Before taking their contacts out, children should know to wash their hands thoroughly. Once their contacts are put away, they can then wear their glasses for the rest of the night.

5.Remind Them

Don’t be afraid to ask your child for the first couple of weeks if they took their contacts out and cleaned them. You may even wish to make a chart with all of their nighttime routines on it. Some experts say that it can take 21 days for a habit to form, so don’t give up on your child if they don’t remember right away.

Many young kids are old enough for contacts, as long as they care for them properly. If you and your child follow these five tips, they will quickly learn proper care. They can then enjoy the joys of wearing contacts for as long as they wish.

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