A Guide to Understanding How Shipping a Car Works

A Guide to Understanding How Shipping a Car Works

Car shipping is a term used to describe companies that are charged with moving the vehicle from origin to their final destination. When sending a car there are several risks involved and being that the vehicle of high value, therefore this calls for the use of a transport company that you can put your trust. Check on all the details of the company by asking friends or even local dealerships for reference.

Do not give any deposit

When any company asks for deposit you have raise suspicions about that company since exclusive and reputable car dealers do not ask for deposit but rather pay on pick up or drop off, so as to give you the room to ensure that you are receiving the level of service you expected or withdrawing when your expectations are not met.

Do not base your decisions on price alone

Check on other factors when deciding on the company to use, as some of them charge low rates because they don’t have the right equipment that will ensure safety and quality of delivery or maybe they are auto transport brokers.

Be conscious of insurance policies

One of the essential requirement of a transport company is a certificate of insurance as this is an assurance that any liabilities, workers compensation, cargo limits and any other deductions are covered for.

Make your scheduling needs to be known in prior

For example, when delivery should coincide specific timed event; then you should clearly emphasize this to the company or your driver to plan for shipping in time.

Preparing your car for transportation

Once you have chosen the transport company that has met all your requirement, then it is time to make your vehicle for shipment.

You need to ensure that gas and battery are all okay to reduce the non-run fees. Additionally, check on the antifreeze level to be sure that the climate will be adequate for the car to endure during shipping so to avoid cases of the cracked engine block and any other complications in the process.

Explain the unique features of your vehicle

For example, kill alarm as this information will make it much easier for the driver to ship your car safely to you and eliminate the chances of being charged excessive non-run fees.

Your car needs a thorough inspection

During pick up the driver needs to inspect the vehicle for any damages or marks, and after delivery, you need to check for any damages that might have been caused during shipping before signing. In case of any injuries, you should submit a claim with the company.

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