Going Outside the Box for Your Party

Going Outside the Box for Your Party

Throwing a great party can remind us of why we’re alive—the adrenaline rush from putting all your friends together will give you fond memories for years to come. But some parties boast an extra special panache, leaving us with warm feelings for a long time. The question is: how do you go the extra mile in pleasing your party guests?

The stranger, the better. For instance, a “short shorts animal print party” will never be forgotten. Some of your friends may groan at first, complaining about having to buy special wardrobe items for the theme. But their aggravation will be short-lived when they see all of the amazing pictures from your party, which brings us to the next topic…

Dazzle Everyone with a Show-Stopping Invite
Email invitations are par for the course now, and that’s actually a really sad commentary on modern life. Invitations are a lovely way to show your guests that you care about them and that you’ve invested time into the party. To set your shindig apart from the pack, come up with a sensational invitation. For instance, if you’re having a Paris-themed party, craft some fake airline tickets with your guests’ names and pop a Euro into the envelope. This way, you’ll be generating buzz about your party before it even starts.

Set Up a Great Area to Take Pics
Hit up a party store like Party City and score some great decorations for your pad, making sure that you also pick up some funny propers. Transform one corner of your place into a “photo booth” or a “red carpet” where guests can take silly shots.

Provide Great Food
It really sounds simple, but so many parties fail on this account. Even if you’re just throwing a cocktail party, you must assume that your guests need nourishment. Also, if you provide food, you will be greatly decreasing your chances of having guests who are inebriated by the end of the party. Hit up a recipe site and get some great tips. Everyone will appreciate what a marvelous host you’ve been if you ensure that no one goes home hungry.

Spring for a Professional Bartender
There’s always something rather chic about hiring a bartender to pour drinks for your guests. Usually, they are relatively inexpensive to hire for a few hours—and it really makes your party look special.

Come Up with a Signature Cocktail for the Evening
Concoct a memorable drink for the party, so that guests will always associate your gathering with individuality.

Party Favors
Party favors aren’t just for kids. Let everyone know they’re special with a cute present that will remind them of all the great memories they made.

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