Do Morning Workouts Burn Higher Amounts of Fat?

Do Morning Workouts Burn Higher Amounts of Fat?

According to Men’s Fitness, fitness professionals tend to get asked the same questions over and over; “Will I burn more fat if I workout in the morning?” is just one of them. It’s no wonder, either: fat loss can be extremely challenging and people who are focused on losing weight want to accomplish their goals as quickly as possible. The difficulty of an early morning workout is offset by the possibility of burning extra fat. Does it really work, though? Does that extra effort truly pay off? Read on to find out.

Morning Cardio Training and Bodybuilding

For a long time, early morning cardio training, before breakfast, has been used by bodybuilders to bulk up fast. Sometimes they’re in the middle of a fast; other times their stomachs are simply empty because they haven’t had their first meal of the day yet. For bodybuilders, the goal is to have the lowest body fat possible before a competition. The body depletes glycogen, which then forces it to start burning fat or protein. When you haven’t eaten yet, your insulin levels are low and the cortisol in your body eats away at your reserves of fat. Does this approach work for the average person, though, the one who isn’t interested in a bodybuilding competition?

The Benefit of an Early Morning Workout

According to Daily Mail, people who exercise before breakfast can burn as much as 20% more fat than those who workout after breakfast. Plus, early morning exercisers don’t consume extra calories throughout the day when compared to non-early morning exercisers. Ultimately, not only do you burn more fat, but you eat less throughout the day, creating more of a calorie deficit.

Become a Regular Exerciser With Morning Sessions

Fitness Magazine also thinks that early morning workouts are worth it, based on a study by the Mollen Clinic. The study followed 500 people and discovered that 75% of the people who workout out in the morning became regular exercisers, compared to the people who worked out either in the afternoon or after work. Why? It seems that at the start of the day, there are fewer reasons to skip workouts. Even if the science eventually differs and you don’t burn more calories during a morning workout, you’ll burn more calories overall because you’re getting in more weekly workouts than you would otherwise.


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