Celebrating with Cigars: 3 Times to Party with Cigars

Celebrating with Cigars: 3 Times to Party with Cigars

Cigars are a gentleman’s accessory. When a man smokes a cigar, he can’t help but feel a bit like a member of the Rat Pack, smoking alongside Sinatra and Dean Martin while they discuss their favorite brand of whiskeys. That said, there are certain times when a cigar is the most appropriate choice of smoke at a party, and sure to make you the favorite guest of everyone in attendance.

1. Baby Announcements

It’s traditional for men to gather around and light up a cigar after announcing the birth of their progeny. After all, when you find out you’re going to be a father, what is there to do but celebrate? The cigar is a symbol of virility and freedom, and that final smoke upon announcing your upcoming dad-dom is a way of celebrating those last moments of freedom before parental duties take over.

2. Bachelor Parties

It’s the quintessential celebration of masculinity. Much as a baby announcement celebrates the last moments of being a man with no children, a bachelor party celebrates the last moments of a man’s life before he picks up his duties as a husband and homemaker. What better time to smoke a cigar is there than that? However, it’s important that everyone in attendance recognize the rules of cigar etiquette. No one wants to be that guy, after all.

3. Superbowl Parties

A superbowl party doesn’t have to be limited to beer and hot wings. You can introduce a bit of class into the proceedings, right? Buy a set of cigars for you and your buddies, and you’ll be the most popular guy at the party — aside from the winning quarterback, of course. Wait till the game is over to light up; when the contest has ended and everyone is sitting around discussing the game, it’s the perfect time to light your cigar and take a puff. Contemplative discussion on who made the better pass, or that awesome interception in the third quarter, is made better with a cigar in hand.

While all three of these events are great times to smoke a cigar, the best time is whenever you feel like it. The act of smoking a cigar is relaxing; it isn’t a quick smoke like a cigarette would be, and it’s important to take the time to appreciate the flavors that went into it. At the end of a long day, this weekend, or maybe during a lunch break during crunch week — all of those times are appropriate for lighting up.



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