Business Marketing: The Importance of Corporate Logos

Business Marketing: The Importance of Corporate Logos

Marketing experts point to certain elements of a company’s marketing approach as being critical aspects of image branding. The company website is one critical element, but the company logo tends to be something that marketing experts put a lot of stock in. What is it about logos that make them so important? When you look at the science of logos, you start to understand that a good logo can make or break a company.

Logos Establish A Brand Theme

According to, a dynamic company that has a logo that implies motion will be better able to establish itself with its target audience than the competitor that has a static logo. It is mind-boggling to think that a logo is capable of establishing a dynamic tone for a company, but there is science to back up that assertion.

Researchers at the University of Michigan School of Business found that a company with conservative values will confuse its audience if it has a dynamic logo. The idea that the perception of movement in a logo can affect the buying decisions of a target audience shows just the overall importance of logos.

Color Is Essential

Every element of the logo design is critical to its success, especially the color. According to¬†, nearly 85 percent of consumers indicate that their decision to buy a product is tied to whether or not they like the colors in the company’s logo and packaging presentation.

Consumers believe that the marketing colors a company uses enhances the company’s overall appeal. If your company has a great logo but the wrong colors, then it will negatively affect your sales. This lends a lot of credence to the importance of market surveys in the development of all marketing tools and tactics.

Your Logo Often Is Your Brand

It is almost impossible to think of iconic companies such as Apple Computers and Coca-Cola without thinking of their equally iconic logos. For those businesses, their logo becomes the complete representation of their brands, and that helps to keep marketing costs down. If all a company has to do to lend credibility to its products is put its logo on the packaging, then much of the marketing work has already been done.

How important is your logo to the success of your company? When you have a logo that appeals to consumers, then you have a much better chance of beating the competition and gaining more market share. But if your logo does not appeal to consumers or your logo confuses consumers, then your company could have devastatingly bad sales results. That is the power of having a good logo to represent your company.


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