Beyond the Mantle: Customizing your Car and More

Beyond the Mantle: Customizing your Car and More

According to experts, there are several ways to customize an automobile inside and outside the cabin.

The Wheels

If you want to update your car in a dramatic way, replace the factory wheels with aftermarket rims. Custom rims are flasher because the hubcaps are shiner, bolder, and bigger. Aftermarket wheel manufacturers make accessories in a variety of colors and styles, so you can easily find a product that will compliment your vehicle’s exterior design. When shopping for aftermarket rims, always review the measurements in a fitment guide to ensure a proper fit.

Although new rims are attractive and stylish, you can save money by buying used rims instead. To compare prices, scan the classified ads in your local newspaper.


By upgrading the suspension components, your automobile will look sleeker. To modify the suspension system in a cost-effective way, take your car to an automotive shop and let a technician lower the springs. If you prefer a more advanced update, purchase and install a coil-over kit. The components in the kit will improve how the automobile performs whenever the tires roll over a road hazard.

Cargo Box

If you don’t have a lot of room for cargo, a cargo box can double your truck space. This product has a unique aerodynamic design, which decreases wind noise and improves fuel economy. Within the unit, there is 16 cubic feet of space, so you can easily store your camping gear, backpacks, skis, and sleeping bags safely and securely.

A SkyBox 16 is easy to install; you can mount the product in place without using any household tools. This particular accessory will not interfere will your liftgate after it is installed.

Rain Repellent

During trips on a snowy or rainy day, a windshield coating can increase visibility. To achieve the best results, you must apply a repellent on the glass once a month. However, if your wiper blades begin to make a chattering sound, you should reapply the repellent sooner because the noise means that the coating is wearing away unevenly.

If your schedule prevents you from applying a coating once a month, use a product that creates a chemical bond instead. This kind of repellent provides protection for about three months.

Before applying a traditional repellent or a chemically modified repellent, ensure that the windshield is totally clean. To speed up the drying process, park your vehicle in a warm location that is away from the sun‘s UV rays.

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