Beginner Fisherman: Fishing Techniques and Tricks to KnowBeginner Fisherman: Fishing Techniques and Tricks to Know

Beginner Fisherman: Fishing Techniques and Tricks to KnowBeginner Fisherman: Fishing Techniques and Tricks to Know

Thinking about picking up the sport of fishing? Read on for tips and tricks every beginner fisherman should arm himself with.

1. Before you head out for the first time, Bleacher Report suggests you practice at home. No, you can’t simulate searching for and catching an actual fish, but you can bait your hooks, cast the line and tie knots in preparation for the real thing.

2. Make sure to buy the right equipment. When in doubt, ask a specialist at an outdoors or sporting goods store. In general, open-faced reels aren’t good for beginners. Instead, you’ll want to look for more basic rods and reels, which are easy to use and recommended for beginners.

3. suggests familiarizing yourself with fishing lingo. For example, rod action is the degree of bend that a rod has. The more action, the less flexibility. Rod power refers to the amount of weight a rod can handle.

4. Choose the right bait for the fish you’re trying to catch. For example, catfish tend to like raw chicken liver; bream fish, on the other hand, prefer crickets. If you don’t have the wrong bait, you won’t have much luck on your fishing trip.

5. Don’t get turned off if the weather is overcast. Truthfully, overcast skies can lead to some of the best fishing out there. Yes, you can catch fish if the sun’s shining or if it’s raining, but most fishermen know that overcast is the best thing you can ask for on fishing day. The change in barometric pressure makes the fish more apt to bite.

6. The best times to go fishing are in the early morning, before the sun’s up, or in the evening.

7. If you’re fishing in a stream or river, locate the point where two bodies of water converge. This is where you should cast your line because this is the spot where fish often gather. When there aren’t two bodies of water that are converging, cast your line where the water gets deep. If you’re fishing on a lake and it’s windy, cast your lines where the waves are breaking.

8. Those shiny lures may be appealing to your eye, but they’re not ideal for every type of fish. Certain fish can be blinded and confused by the shininess and the lure’s reflection.

9. Don’t just head to any lake that’s nearby. Check your area’s fishing reports to find out exactly where the fish are biting.

10. Be patient! Fishing can take a long time, which is why so many people like to spend their days waiting for the fish to bite.

Once you have your feet wet, metaphorically, you’ll love spending sunny afternoons by the water, fishing pole in hand.

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