Amazon: A Catalyst For Entrepreneurs?

The issue of Amazon and its relationship with entrepreneurs from all levels of business is a difficult one. For many, Amazon is an Online business platform designed to help small to medium-sized business owners to get that first step onto the ladder towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. Others look at Amazon in a different way, for many entrepreneurs, the platform created by Jeff Bezos is a monopoly preying on small business people who have little to no experience in retail, HuffPost reports.

How Amazon helps entrepreneurs

Let’s start with the good side of Amazon. Firstly, if an entrepreneur is looking for a business example they can do worse than to look at the work of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. The entrepreneur was not a graduate of an Ivy League School or the heir to a fortune when he started the business. Instead, he drove to Seattle and created an Online bookstore in his garage that would grow to become the world’s largest Online retail platform, according to

The story of Jeff Bezos is inspiring and should be celebrated because he has allowed millions of people to start their own Online retail business. Amazon does make it easy for an individual to create their own business from the comfort of their own living room or garage to sell products to people around the world. The platform makes it easy to sell your products or services because they handle the marketing, branding, and placing your goods in an international marketplace with a controlled environment.

It’s not all good news

The good news about Amazon is tempered by a sense that Amazon is somehow masquerading as a positive in the lives of entrepreneurs everywhere. The fees charged by Amazon have become something of a problem for many entrepreneurs who are beginning to claim that no matter how many items they sell on the platform they are finding it difficult to break even. At the start of 2019, Amazon raised its delivery fees once more to push it towards charging the average retailer half of the payment received for the goods they sell.

As the U.S. Government continues to discuss whether to continue with the passage of a bill that would limit the power of Amazon and the other major technology giants in the nation the company continues to grow at a fast rate. Entrepreneurs are largely looking away from the Online retail giant as they seek new ways of getting their products to their customers without paying the large fees associated with Amazon.

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