Advantages of Self-Storage Units in College

Advantages of Self-Storage Units in College

When students head off to college, they usually can’t take everything that they own with them unless they rent an apartment or a house or unless they leave behind everything but the essentials at their parent’s home. One way that college students can keep their belongings without spending a lot of money and without disrupting space that their parents can use at home is to rent a storage unit. This is an option to consider for students who don’t live close to home and need somewhere to put their items from the dorm room at the end of the semester before returning to the dorm once again.

Money In The Pocket
Using gas in a vehicle to take items back and forth to home and college can get expensive. It can also be expensive renting a moving truck each time college students want to take things from the dorm back home or to their own house. Many storage companies offer discounts for students as long as they have proper identification. Even if companies don’t offer discounts, a small unit usually isn’t that expensive. Students who work a part-time job or pick up side jobs while in school can often pay the monthly fee. A unit can also be shared by more than one student, which means that each person will save on the fees paid each month.

Belongings Are Secure
Belongings that are kept in a storage unit are kept secure. There are usually cameras on the property that monitor activity that takes place during operating hours and after the business closes. Students can put a lock on the unit to keep other people from getting inside. Most storage companies offer locks at a reasonable price for those who don’t have one. There is usually an alarm system that will alert the local police department if someone tries to break into the units or tries to get past the gate after hours. Climate-controlled units keep belongings from getting ruined by humidity or extreme temperatures. This is beneficial if college students store computers or electronics in the unit.

Space Savers
Since dorm rooms are small, a storage unit will allow students to keep belongings that they don’t want to keep at home or don’t want to get rid of without taking up too much space in the dorm. When something is needed, the student can go to the unit to get it and take it back so that it doesn’t stay in the dorm room all the time.

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