Advantages of Using Recycled Ammo Brass

If you are a person who is inquisitive about details that others don’t pay attention to, then maybe you’ve asked yourself before, “Hey, what happens with all the left over shell casings produced by automatic weapons at the shooting range, or, anywhere else for that matter?” A very good question indeed! I mean, they don’t just leave them there to be victims of time do they? Let’s look at a few ways that this matter is dealt with.

Ammo is usually made of metal or brass, which are both materials that can be recycled. There are a few ways to go about this. One method is reloading. Obviously, this is the most common practice among gun owners when it comes to recycling their waste. They simply reuse their old shell casings and make them usable again…and again! This method can save you lots of money! Keep in mind that, the savings per ammo type will vary accordingly. Reloading gives you more freedom with the customization of your ammo according to the type of weaponry you own. Initially, you will need to invest in the equipment required for reloading yourself. But ultimately, the savings are all worth the effort. You can also sell your brass ammo at scrap yards and make some decent money. And at around $1.32 per pound, why wouldn’t you! Just make sure that the scrap brass is cleaned thoroughly before selling. It would be in your best interest to check your local scrap yards to inquire about prices. If you are more on the creative side though, then you can take that scrap brass ammo and turn it into artful masterpieces! You can create anything from keychains, candles, and even rings! Just get the creative juices flowing and get busy. You can go online and find tons of art done using old brass ammo to use as reference. Seems like a win win situation right? Not to mention that the environment will be thankful for putting such waste to good use.

Hopefully, you have picked up on a few ways to take advantage of the benefits of using recycled ammo brass. Next time you finish shooting your load at the range, you can collect all the shell casings and make some extra change on the side. Trust me if you don’t, the shooting range owners will! No matter how you look at it, whether you are reloading, recycling, or selling your scrap brass, it will all work to the benefit of the environment.

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