A ‘Scar’y Story: Why you should view your scars as beautiful

A ‘Scar’y Story: Why you should view your scars as beautiful

Standards of beauty are ever-changing and differ among various societies or cultures. In the United States, beauty is often viewed, particularly for women, as having a trim, toned body, a flawless complexion, shiny hair and bright eyes. These are standards that only a small percentage of people can meet. Trying to achieve societal expectations with regard to beauty can be exhausting, especially for someone who may have a particular characteristic that markedly sets them apart as being different from the norm. One such characteristic may is that of scars. While it may be tempting to try to hide your scars or to feel self-conscious about them, it would be to your advantage to consider them in a different light. There are a number of reasons why you should view your scars as beautiful.

Scars Tell a Unique Story

Whether it’s from an accident when you were a young girl in the clumsy time of puberty or from a more traumatic physical experience such as a surgery or abuse, your scars tell a unique story. They tell your story. Your scars are a reminder of a life only you have lived and can be viewed as something that sets you apart from everyone else. Not only that, but they belong only to you. You own those marks, and you are the only one who gets to assign meaning to them.

Scars Are a Reminder

Even if the event in which you received your scars was not a happy one, you can still look upon them as a positive reminder. Remind yourself how strong you are to have gotten past such a difficult experience. Use the visual presence to remind you to take care of yourself and be mindful of your health. Your scars can often be a reminder of how very fortunate you are to be where you are today.

Scars Can Be a Signature

Not only does each scar tell a unique story, they also add something to your appearance. Rather than look at the addition of your scars as a negative, embrace it. Begin to see your scars as your own signature accessory. Face the world without fear, and wear your scar as the beautiful badge of honor that it is. Think of it as “tough”, “cool”, “sleek” or any other adjective that is meaningful to you. Your scar is yours. You define its meaning.

Many women have learned to view their scars as beautiful. With a little changing in perspective, you can, too!

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