8 Car Care Tips to Teach Your Teen Driver

8 Car Care Tips to Teach Your Teen Driver

It can be nerve-wracking to have your teenager driving on their own, but if you teach them how to care for a car and proper responses in emergencies – it should put you more at ease. Here are 8 things you should teach your teen driver that may not be included in a drivers education course:


  1. Change a Tire –


At some point, everyone will get a flat tire or have a blow out. Show your teen where the jack and spare are located, and demonstrate how to change a tire properly and safely. It would be good to have them try it on their own too with your supervision, so they can make sure they fully understand how to do it.


  1. Change the Oil –


Changing the oil in your car is an important maintenance item. Teach your teen how often the oil should be changed, and how to check their oil level. If your teen shows interest in doing all of their own car maintenance, show them how to change the oil and oil filter in their vehicle. If not, tell them the best place to take their vehicle to have the oil changed.


  1. Check Tire Pressure and Inflate Tires –


It is bad to drive on tires that are not at the appropriate pressure- it can pre-wear the tires, wear them unevenly, and can be dangerous in certain driving conditions. Give your teen a tire pressure gauge and show them how to use it, so they can monitor the pressures on their own. Explain what psi their tires should be at, and demonstrate how to inflate their tires properly.


  1. Jump a Battery –


Batteries don’t last forever, unfortunately. At some point your car may not start, so you need to jump it. Show your teen where to put the jumper cables on each vehicle and the process for safety.


  1. Replace Windshield Wipers –


One of the easiest car maintenance items is replacing windshield wipers. If your wipers are bad, you can have impaired visibility when it rains which is a safety issue. Show your teen how easy it is to do a windshield wiper change.


  1. Service Lights –


Go over the car manual with your teen and explain what each dashboard light signifies and how to handle the situation if one of them comes on.


  1. Car Insurance –


Explain the benefits of car insurance and how it works to your teen. Car insurance is important and can be very beneficial in an accident or auto theft.


  1. Emergency Kit –


Teach your teen the importance of an emergency kit. Make a kit for them including things like: road flares, a blanket, jumper cables, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher. Depending on the time of year or where you may live, your teen may need to carry additional items like boots, kitty litter, an ice scraper, bottled water and food.


With these tips, your teen should be a more prepared driver and vehicle owner.

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