7 Truths to Know When on a Vacation at Walt Disney World

7 Truths to Know When on a Vacation at Walt Disney World

The time has come to set off on your Disney World vacation. Fun and excitement await you and your family. Here are seven truths to know about the attraction that will make your time at the Most Magical Place On Earth go as smoothly as possible.

1. Plan Ahead


The number one truth to remember when planning a trip to Disney World is to plan as far in advance as possible. Check out crowd calendars, get tickets, reserve FastPasses, a hotel room and dining reservations as soon as you can. You want your trip to be enjoyable, not spend all day waiting in line or missing out on doing what you want to do because of the sheer number of people in the parks.


2. Balance is Key


While it is good to have a general plan for your vacation, do not be afraid to achieve balance. You might have a reservation for a particular restaurant or a FastPass for a popular ride, but make time to explore. Stumble upon an unexpected attraction or area. Have a more leisurely afternoon after a busy morning. Find a medium between having a concrete plan and going with the flow.


3. The Size of Disney World


Disney World covers over 40 square miles, which is about the size of San Francisco. There are four major parks and two water parks. The place is huge. Pick your favorite parks to visit, but realize just how big each one is. Stick to a park a day to get the complete Disney experience.


4. Fun for All Ages


People of all ages can have fun at Disney World. While younger visitors might have the best time at Magic Kingdom, teens and adults might be happier at Animal Kingdom or Epcot. No matter what their age or interest, they will find something to enjoy.


5. Dress for Comfort


Leave the high heels, too tight clothing and new sneakers at home. Florida is hot and humid for much of the year, so dress in loose, comfortable clothing and light layers. Comfortable walking shoes are key because you will be moving around all day. Make sure they are broken in.


6. Take a Day Off


See sights beyond Disney, like in the Orlando area. Or, if you want to stay on the Disney property, consider spending a day at a water park, resort or playing mini golf. Mix things up to avoid burnout.


7. Memories Await


You will be making memories no matter how you spend your trip. Make the most of it.


Keep these truths in mind when you go to Walt Disney World, but do not forget to get caught up in the magic. Enjoy your trip!

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