7 Tips for Keeping Your HVAC System Efficient This Winter

7 Tips for Keeping Your HVAC System Efficient This Winter

The winter season is one of the most dreadful seasons especially if you don’t have a functional HVAC unit. The cold of winter months can be sickening. As a result, you need to brace yourself for the cold weather. You need to keep your family comfortable by using these tips to maintain your HVAC system to prepare it for the winter season.


Schedule a home energy audit


One of the necessary steps is scheduling an energy audit in your home so that you prioritize your winterization tasks. Hire an expert to inspect your home for areas that are losing energy and recommend ways of making your home more energy-efficient.


Keep the heating system clean


You need to be sure that your unit is cleaned, updated, and functioning effectively before the winter season. Consider hiring a professional to do some tune-up on your unit to catch all concerns and repair them before the cold season. The technician ensures that your HVAC unit is ready to keep you warm and comfortable during the upcoming winter season.


HVAC unit checkup and repair


You need to get prepared for the upcoming winter season by cleaning filters. You should replace the filters before the season and make sure that you check on them monthly. Clean filters ensure that the HVAC system keeps you warm and prevents overworking of the system, which causes emergency repairs.


Replace the HVAC if it is ancient


One of the best ways to make sure that the HVAC unit is functional during the winter season is to replace it. An old unit will not keep your home comfortable during the cold weather. Therefore, you must ensure its efficiency by replacing it with a new model that is energy efficient if the old one is over 15 years old.


Install a programmable thermostat


It is time you considered installing a programmable thermostat if you don’t have one. It is an excellent way to balance the heat in all the rooms in your home. A programmable thermostat allows you to program heat in the house at different temperatures for different times of the day.


Prepare the home for winter


You can ensure an efficient HVAC unit by preparing your home for the winter season. You should weather strip windows and doors to keep cold air outside your home and make sure the HVAC unit functions effectively. Make sure that you insulate the attic in your home.


Check detectors


Furnaces keep your house warm and comfortable. However, they also increase the chances of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. As a result, be sure to inspect the detectors before winter hits so that the entire unit functions efficiently.


A little bit of preparation helps you to keep warm during winter. The tips will ensure the functionality of HVAC. Make sure you hire an experienced technician to inspect the unit.

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