7 Tips For Crime Lab Safety

7 Tips For Crime Lab Safety

Crime labs are important because they examine collected evidence in order to solve a crime. Such labs are equipped with supplies and materials that can burn, poison, cut, or do other harm to the technicians. Due to the fact that a crime lab is a dangerous place it is important that various tips are followed so no one will get hurt.

No Playing While In the Lab 

On boring work days some of us get tempted to pass the time with a little fun. This is a definite no-no. A little fun can easily result in hazardous chemicals being spilled, someone cutting themselves on a sharp object, or even some of the evidence getting damaged.

Dress code 

All individuals that work in a crime lab should follow a special dress code. This dress code includes; protective eyewear, gloves, and a lab coat or apron. In addition to wearing certain items, some items should be removed such as jewelry or loose fitting clothing. Also, if you have long hair be should to tie it back in order to keep it from falling into hazardous substances or conditions.

Cutting utensils 

Always handle sharp objects with care. If you need to cut something, be sure to use the sharp object to cut away from you. If you cut yourself, then seek immediate assistance.


There are a number of chemicals that are used in the crime lab. Some of them can burn your skin or cause blindness. In the event that a chemical splashes into your eye or on your skin, rinse the area thoroughly and seek medical attention. It should be also noted that you should never inhale fumes directly. If you need to smell a particular substance, then open up the container and wave your hands over the container so that the fumes will eventually meet your nose.


As mentioned above, some chemicals used in the lab are dangerous. To keep yourself and others safe make sure that the lids to all chemicals are tightly screwed on. And if there is a spill make sure to clean up the spill with the proper materials.

First aid 

Accidents happen all the time and due to this fact is important to have a first aid kit accessible. The first aid kit should be stocked with a list of supplies that can assist you in any type of emergency situation. When new people enter into the crime lab it is important that they are educated on where the First Aid kit is located.

Fire and heat safety

Googles should always be worn when dealing with heat or fire. Keep all materials away from your work station when you are dealing with heat or fire. To help prevent fires you should never heat a chemical that is in a closed container.

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