7 Rugby History Facts

Internationally renowned sport rugby has been growing in popularity since it was created by William Webb Ellis, a student at Rugby School in Warwickshire, England, around 1845. The sport’s actual roots date back to ancient Greek and Roman times in the BC era. The sport has evolved and expanded out of England to Africa, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, the Americas, and Asian-Pacific countries. Rugby has been played competitively between countries since 1871. Learn some new rugby trivia with these interesting rugby history facts.

1. Rugby is often referred to as the most violent contact sport. Injuries are a common occurrence during matches, especially in the third quarter. Muscle and tendon injuries are the most common. Head injuries are the next most frequent.

2.– The most points scored by an individual player happened at the 1987 Rugby World Cup. Grant Fox, of New Zealand, scored a whopping 126 points during the tournament ultimately leading his team to a decisive win over France.

3.– There is a unique rugby formation called the ‘scrum’. This occurs when six players on each team link arms, put down their heads and attempt to gain control of the ball from the center of the circle with their legs by kicking it out their side.

4.– New Zealand preludes each rugby match with a traditional Haka dance. This dance is intended to empower the powers to victory and intimidate their opponents.

5.– Rugby has only been included in the Olympics five times before being permanently discontinued in 1924 at the Paris games. It was reintroduced almost a century later at the 2016 Rio games in a 7s format.

6.– There has never been a single rugby team to win the Rugby World Cup more than one year consecutively.

7.– Rugby balls were first created from pig’s bladders and shaped like a plum. These bladders carried and spread diseases to the people who blew them up.

Rugby has a lengthy history of being a high endurance, rough, and ultra-competitive sport. The origins began in ancient Greek and Roman times. The sport is so competitive that no team has won over one consecutive World Cup. Injuries are extremely common given the nature of play. After a long break from being included in the Olympics rugby made its first debut in 90 years at the Rio games. Rugby is an exciting game with a world-wide following and no shortage of interesting trivia.

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