7 Clever Ideas to Keep Bugs Out This Winter

7 Clever Ideas to Keep Bugs Out This Winter

If you long for your winter home to be bug-free, then it’s time for you to take some extra precautions. There is no reason that you should have anything but the clean living space that you desire. Here are seven ideas to help you accomplish the winter home of your dreams:

1. Be Thorough With Your Fall Cleaning

When summer fades away to fall, various types of insects may find your home inviting. You have the means to withdraw some of the easy-entry invitations and keep your home bug-free. Start with the inside window areas and remove spider webs.

Spiders, unlike some of the other pests, can reproduce in your home if there is a supply of edible insects. Remove their hiding-places that exist in any accumulating leaves around the foundation. Clean the yard.

2. Seal Window and Door Gaps

Lady bugs can gain entry from a small crack, and once inside they can make themselves a daily nuisance. Caulk around frames with silicone, latex or silicone acrylic. Expandable spray foam sealants work for larger areas, or use cement, mortar or wood to discourage intruders.

Double check areas where the cable and phone lines enter your home. Small wire mesh works for holes and vents. Walk around your home at night and make sure no light is visible from underneath any door exteriors.

3. Cover and Store Foods Properly

Bugs or even rodents may be enticed to winter over in your abode if there is an accessibility to food. Clean the crumbs from food areas, and feed pets only what they will eat in one meal. Store extra food in plastic or tin-covered containers. Do a detailed vacuum cleanup on carpets and area rugs. Make your home unwelcome to bugs.

4. Replace Damaged Screens

Repair or buy new window screens before the weather turns cold. Investing in new materials is a way to help ensure that the winged-critters stay outside where they belong.

5. Inspect the Kitchen and Bathroom Fans

It may be time to remove worn screens and replace with new materials. It’s better to do the work before the bugs have moved inside. Your extra maintenance work keeps the bugs at bay.

6. Remove Clutter From the Garage

Undisturbed junk makes cozy living-spaces for insects. Outdoor neglected storage areas provide insects with shelter until they move into your home. Give unwanted articles away, donate them, or toss them in a dumpster.

7. Check the Chimney and Crawl Space

Spiders and scorpions enjoy the dark areas in undisturbed crawl spaces. Once inside, they can migrate into the upper family areas. Install wire mesh to keep out these invaders. Remember to cover the chimney and any attic vents.

Now that you know more about some of the critters that would enjoy inhabiting your home, it’s time for you to take action and begin to expose the unwelcoming process. With a few tools, materials and some labor, your home will soon be bug-proof. You deserve a happy home.


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