7 Advantages to a Jet Card

7 Advantages to a Jet Card

Jet cards offer a convenient alternative to commercial flights. With a jet card, you’ll purchase a set amount of plane hours. When you book your flight, the hours are deducted from your jet card balance.

There are so many reasons to be excited about jet cards. Here are 7 advantages of booking flights using a jet card.

1. Jet cards require less of a commitment than owning a private plane.
There are many expenses that accompany jet ownership. Not only do you have to pay the pilots’ salaries, you have to purchase fuel and pay maintenance costs.

Even if you have the money to incur those expenses, taking care of a jet may not be high on your priority list. By purchasing a jet card, you can enjoy the benefits of a private plane without the commitment to ownership.

2. Jet cards allow you to pay for the hours that you use.
Jet cards offer¬†on-demand air travel services. This means that you only pay for the jet hours. When you own a a plane, you’ll be required to pay every expense regardless of how many hours the plane is in use.

3. Booking a flight using your jet card offers a flexible solution to air travel.
Flying to your destination using a commercial airline can be challenging at times. The airline can cancel your flight on short notice. You may miss your flight due to traffic conditions.

With a jet card, you’ll have more flexibility when you travel. Since you are paying for your flight hours using your card, the plane will not leave without you.

4. All costs are stipulated on your contract.
Jet cards don’t assess additional fees for luggage or carry-on bags. When you sign a contract, you’ll know exactly how much money you’ll be paying for the flight.

5. Jet card companies provide access to concierge services.
A concierge service is an added perk of owning a jet card. This dedicated team of professionals will handle all of your in-flight needs.

6. You won’t have to sit on a crowded plane.
You won’t have the luxury of privacy on a commercial flight. By using your hours on your jet card, you can travel in a manner that suits your style.

7. You’ll get guaranteed access to a particular plane.
Jet cards provide access to premium planes. You can select the airplane size and age class that fits your needs.

Purchasing a jet card offers the advantages of plane ownership without the capital investment. Each year, thousands of people experience the benefits of jet cards. They offer a way to travel the world on your own terms.

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