6 Uses for 3D Scanning in Everyday Life

6 Uses for 3D Scanning in Everyday Life

3D scanning is the process by which a 3D scanner scans and captures an image of a real object, converts it to a 3D image, which can be printed through the 3D printer. Before, 3D technology was only exclusive for technical use. Now, it has become part of our everyday life.


If you are still not aware of it, here are six uses for 3D scanning in everyday life:


1. Film Making


3D technology has been popularized by many film makers. This is evident in many 3D movies you may have already watched. You may be wondering how a simple image can behave like real-life characters. If you have already watched some animated movies such as Monster Inc. or Toy Story, you know how it feels to watch moving characters that appear as though you can touch them. All of these have become possible with the use of 3D scanners.

2. Computer Games


Gone are the days when Super Mario was the image of new technology. Nowadays, computer games are now in a 3D format. Watching 3D films is fun, but it is even more fun to play a game that looks like real. Moreover, this format is also becoming available in smart phones. According to Forbes, “your smartphone (or tablet) is already, or at increasingly, a 3D scanner.” Sooner or later, you will not only play 3D games through your smart phone but also use such a mobile device as 3D scanner, too.


3. Education


In the past, it was a challenge for teachers and instructors to demonstrate what they want to teach. What many teachers did in the past was to rely on drawing or photos attached on illustration boards. Today, it is an effective way to teach students.

4. Presentation


Presentation in company meetings and seminars used to rely on photos alone. The purpose of which was to make a presentation that is interesting and not boring. Using 3D images in presentation does not only prevent an audience from getting bored but also catches the attention of all.


5. Print Ads


You may have noticed that almost all car companies have their own print ads that are in the 3D format. When you look at their ads, you will surely get confused whether you are looking at the real photos of their cars or just a 3D version.

6. Artwork


Art is no longer for painting. In the advent of technology, you can now even become the next Leonardo da Vinci of modern times using artistic 3D images. Time will come that 3D images can become as expensive as exotic painting.




Today, you can possibly create a video or an image in 3D format. All you need is a hand-held 3D scanner and 3D printer. In other words, 3D scanning can now become your lifestyle, too.

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