6 Tips for Travelers Who Vape

6 Tips for Travelers Who Vape

If you use a vaporizer and you travel frequently for work or for pleasure, there are some things you should remember for the best experience. Traveling with your vaping device can be a hassle if you don’t properly prepare, so be sure to get ready for any situation that might arise.


The TSA has fairly strict rules when it comes to flying with personal vape devices. They allow vape devices in carry-on bags only, and vape devices are not allowed in checked bag. Individual airlines might have greater restrictions.

Genearl Storage

Since you’ll be carrying your vape in the cabin of any flight, it’s a good idea to make sure it is secured in a storage unit of some sort. There are numerous storage units that typically involve a soft or plastic case with compartments or straps for each component. You’ll probably want to keep the device broken down into its basic components for travel if possible, and you’ll certainly want to make sure that any e-liquid you have is properly sealed and stored.


The FAA doesn’t allow vape devices to be used for vaping on any flight, and they also don’t allow devices to be charged in-flight. If you use a modified battery pack, you won’t be able to carry it on the flight, so it’s best to stick with the standard lithium battery packs. If you have spare lithium batteries, they must be stored in a carry-on bag as well.

Forbidden Areas

Just like there are rules for where you can smoke in public, there are also rules for where you can use your vape. Make sure that you are in an area where vaping is allowed before you use your device, especially in the context of an airport or other public transportation terminal. You may have to find an outdoor space dedicated for smokers and vape users.

Safe Packing

You should always make sure that your device is packed as safely as possible. There are times when a carry-on bag that contains your packed device might have to be checked by the airline and placed below the cabin of the plane, and in those instances you’ll be required to remove the vape device and hold it with you in the cabin. Proper packing will make it much easier to carry the device or fit it in your pocket.


E-liquids can be carried on most flights in your vape storage unit as long as they are properly sealed. You can’t unseal the e-liquid container during the flight, so you can’t load the device while in flight. Larger amounts of e-liquid in storage containers that aren’t meant for direct use can be stored in checked bags.

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