6 Reasons to Call an Electrician

6 Reasons to Call an Electrician

There are more people stepping into the realm of DIY, nowadays. Remodeling jobs and repairs can be costly, so by doing some of the work yourself, it will help you save money in the long run. People are learning to tackle more types of jobs, from drywalling to electrical work. However, there are times where it’s best to hang up your tool belt and give an electrician a call. Here are 6 reasons when going with a professional for your electric work is better than doing it yourself.

1. When the wiring needs updating- This is important. Tinkering with wires is a dangerous thing to do. So, you don’t want to tackle a job this big, especially if you’re going from the old 2-wire to the modern 3-wire system. The 2-wire system is not grounded and is unsafe. Turning off the power to the area you’re working on isn’t guaranteed to be safe. An electrician has all the necessary tools to verify the wires are not live.

2. Adding circuits to your circuit breaker panel- We know that we shouldn’t overload circuits with several appliances plugged into one line. In order to keep every circuit under the amperage they’re rated for, you may have to add circuits to the breaker panel. This should be done by an electrician who’s trained to know how many new circuits are needed and how many amperages each one can handle.

3. Troubleshooting flickering lights- Flickering lights are caused by any number of things. So, to fix the problem, you’ll need to do some heavy investigating to find out where the issue is. An electrician has the experience needed to know the likely causes and will investigate them first. He can resolve the problem quickly without tearing up too much of the house to do it.

4. When needing to fix electrical code problems- You may have had an inspector check on a project you’re working on and was told that there were issues that need to be fixed, due to building code violations. An electrician is trained to know the current code and what needs to be done to meet them while keeping you from breaking the bank trying to fix them.

5. Burning smells from outlets- This is usually an indication that something serious is going on. Don’t take any risks, call an electrician to evaluate the problem. Let him make the necessary repairs while you and your family stay safe.

6. If an electrical repair is covered under your insurance policy- There are times when your homeowner’s insurance will cover a repair job done to your home. However, they’re not likely to cover it unless a certified electrician performs the job. If you try to do the work yourself, and insurance denies covering the repair because of that, you’re out the money.

There’s nothing wrong with doing as much work yourself as possible, on your DIY project, to save money. But, when it comes to electrical work, stick with the smaller jobs and let a professional tackle the more dangerous tasks.

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