6 Mistakes for Business Signage and How-to Avoid Them

6 Mistakes for Business Signage and How-to Avoid Them

If one is to spend money on signage for their business should they not at least attempt to get the most out of it? That is the theory that most subscribe to, and it is a good reason to look at the most common mistakes made with business signage and what to do to avoid those mistakes.

Bad Location

The signage needs to be on your property but also in an ideal spot so as to be seen by as many people as possible. You do not want anything to obstruct the view of your beautiful sign or to make it more difficult for people to see it. The only way to avoid this mistake is to look at what the sign would like like ahead of time and plan accordingly.

Color Choices

Tier 1 Graphics says that color choice is a lot more important than some people realize. Your brand needs a consistent message when it comes to color. If you are splashing around a whole variety of different things on your signs, you are just confusing people and making it more difficult for them to understand why they should care about your company in the first place.

Spelling Errors

This one should go without saying but you need to proofread your sign before you put it up there. Even if you have an outside source making the sign for you, make sure they have done the work properly before you put something up that has a spelling error and causes you embarrassment.

Bad Lighting

Remember that your signs will be viewed in all lighting and weather conditions. What it looks like in the daytime may differ dramatically from the view that people get of it at night. Digital Plus says that this is one of the most important factors regarding how well a sign will end up doing at attracting business.

Clear Messaging Without Too Many Words

People probably do not know what your business does, so you need to provide them with some context. At the same time, we do not need your whole life story up there on the billboard. Try to keep it short and sweet but with enough flavor that we can get the message you are attempting to send.

Leaving A Sign Out Too Long

After some period of time your signs will begin to experience wear and tear. You have a couple of options when this happens. You can either leave them out and let them reflect poorly on you, or you can refurbish them to make them look better again, or you might just remove them to avoid any negative viewpoints on your reputation.

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