6 Inspiring Places Where Decorative Glass Is Used

6 Inspiring Places Where Decorative Glass Is Used

Decorative glass has inspired highly-talented artisans to express themselves in hundreds of remarkable ways. That type of exceptional glass is being used in all types of places and objects with a never-ending variety.

Glass is a unique material that can be transformed into all kinds of shapes and be mixed with exquisite colors. There is a variety of new materials that allow flexibility and increased imagination. Slight variations in design and pattern are expected as each piece is handmade with no two alike.

Available are undergraduate and graduate college programs that teach the practice of creative and innovative methods of glass expression with limitless potential and incorporating decorative art, design, sculpture, craft and architecture.

Some of the inspiring ways to beautify your home or business using decorative glass are these:

1. Religious Objects and Venetian/Murano Glass

Our first thought is often the gorgeous stained glass windows and ceilings in churches around the world, which were the result of visions by long-ago outstanding artists. The custom art glass is still popular for devotional objects, walls, architectural paneling, decorations, and products of all types.

Venetian/Murano Glass is a work of art with its colors and patterns and can be shaped into all kinds of rich-looking creations. Made from silica, lime, soda and potassium melted together in a special furnace, it is then hand-crafted or mouth-blown by master glassmakers using special techniques. Originally produced in Venice, in 1293 it was decreed that all furnaces must be moved to Murano, an island one mile away, where they remain today.

2. Decorative Doors

Specially-designed entry and interior doors can remain made from metal or wood for stability, but decorative glass door inserts or partitions can be custom produced for additions. That gives a stunning, fashionable, and trendy conversation piece to your property.

3. Wall Art Including Clocks

There are amazing wall-mounted glass art objects. Whether a picture or a unique clock, some are composed of small colorful glass rectangles fused with each other by tiny glass bridges. Others are made from glass pre-cut parts fused together. Contours are outlined with glass frit and fused once again.

4. Lighting

Hang hand-made decorative lights and sconces in your living room, dining room, family room, kitchen, bedroom or wherever you want to have an outstanding decoration. Those with LED lights do not consume much energy. Fusing color glass chips with a semi-transparent glass and LED lights can also provide color changes and unusual original designs.

5. Plates, Bowls, Platters and Vases

These elegant hand-made items can become the admired centerpieces of your table or part of your home d├ęcor. One glass fusing technique is placing small elements in a special order and filling the spaces between them with glass frit. They can then be placed on a transparent glass so the color of the plate changes if you look at reflected light or see the 3D effect transitioning through the plate.

6. Glass-ceramics

Glass-ceramics are mostly produced in two steps. The glass is formed, cooled down, and then reheated. That makes it impervious to thermal shock and able to sustain quick and repeated temperature changes. It is thus the high-performance answer to newer oven doors, cooktops, bakeware, and cookware.

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