6 Crafting Items Every Crafter Should Have in Their Craft Closet

Crafting is a hobby enjoyed by people of all ages around the world. It often starts out with one single project, and turns into many projects over a long period of time. This is especially true for creative types that enjoy transforming things. A craft project can be small, like a customized photo album, or large, like artwork displayed in your home or office. Craft projects can be fun during the holiday season because you can create greeting cards, and even gifts. Before you embark upon your next craft project, consider the following items to make sure you have everything you need.

1. Craft paper

Craft paper comes in many different colors, sizes, shapes and textures. It can be used as scrapbook paper, tissue paper and cardstock. If you have craft paper, you can create a birthday card, thank you card, or any other type of greeting card that fits the personality of the recipient.

2. Hot Glue Gun

Just about every crafter has a hot glue gun because it’s an item that will likely be used every time you sit down to work on a craft project. While there are alternatives to a hot glue gun, it’s the best way to make sure things stick permanently. Hot glue guns are often preferred because the heat makes the glue easier to manipulate for a longer period of time.

3. Single Hole Punch

Many craft projects involve elements that hang. When this is the case, there’s usually a need to punch a small hole into a piece of paper or other materials. A single hole punch is perfect for this type of project. It enables you to punch holes into all types of craft paper with precision.

4. Scissors

While you may have guessed that scissors would be on the list, there’s more to it than just any pair of scissors. A crafter needs the right pair of scissors, otherwise, crafting will become a nightmare. You’ll want scissors that are ergonomic and can cut any type of material, including fabric. You also want to make sure your scissors are sharp because dull scissors are far more dangerous than sharp scissors; injuries are more likely to occur when scissors are dull.

5. Tape

There’s always a need for tape. This is because it can be used to hold down elements of a craft project, wrap a craft project, or even remove particles from a craft project. The ways in which you can use tape while crafting are endless.

6. Tweezers

Tweezers can be a lifesaver during a craft project. You can use them to position beads, twist wire, create figures and remove cutouts. An additional benefit of tweezers is that they can also be used for non-crafting purposes.

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