5 Ways to Make Your Beach House Both Nautical and Modern

Whether you have a beach house or not, these nautical decorating ideas will give your home a cool, modern ocean side look. Beach house style is a new and modern look at classic coastal style; you don’t even need to live by the ocean to bring this fresh, modern look to your home. Recreate this look with stylish decor to transform any home into a modern oceanside paradise.

Color is Key

Keep the colors cool, in subtle shades of gray, blue, green and turquoise. Choose your throw pillows, rugs, and accessories in these pastel ocean shades. Paint the walls a nice, bright white, as well as choose a white sofa to showcase the colors of the sea. Furthermore, use woods in light shades, such as driftwood, pine or a painted white finish. Your color palette should be breezy and evocative of sand, sun, and ocean.

Buy Furniture with Sleek Modern Shapes

Keep the lines of your furniture simple, and choose furniture constructed out of light-colored natural materials, such as pale woods, painted woods and wicker. Likewise, Mid-Century style furnishings won’t distract from the overall feel, and they’ll add a bit of playfulness.

Choose Nautical and Ocean Inspired Prints

Minimalist and modern prints featuring nautical themes, such as seashells, fish, boats, and clouds should be used for the fabrics of throw pillows, bedspreads, and upholstery. Likewise, bold striped fabrics also have a nautical feel. Once again, keep your fabrics in pale ocean hues.

Art and Accessories

Simple is the keyword when it comes to modern, beach house style; a collection of seashells, coral pieces and twisted pieces of driftwood can all be used to make a nautical statement. Likewise, houseplants with a modern, tropical shape, such as orchids and palms can set a tropical tone. For wall art stick with modern ocean-themed art; this could be a print of an ocean scene, or even an abstract using ocean colors.

Drapery and Curtains

Keep your window treatments light; nothing says ocean more than a sheer, white curtain wafting in the breeze. Likewise, if you choose to use shutters or shades, a wide louvered design in white will be in keeping with your beach house look. The point is to keep the look of your windows light and breezy.

With a few simple decorating tips in mind, it’s easy to bring the freshness of the ocean inside your home. Whether you live near the sea or not, the beach house style is both modern and refreshing.

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